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Endoscopy in modern healthcare

Foto: Fujifilm

In modern healthcare, technological advances are playing an increasingly important role in improving diagnostic accuracy, improving patient outcomes and changing clinical practice. Among the innovators at the forefront of this field is Fujifilm Healthcare, a recognised leader in endoscopic image and video quality. With its cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment to excellence, Fujifilm has changed the landscape of endoscopy, offering a myriad of benefits and advantages to both clinicians and patients.


High-quality shooting options:

At the heart of Fujifilm’s endoscopy solutions is cutting-edge imaging technology that delivers exceptional clarity, contrast and detail. Fujifilm’s endoscopes, which use advanced CMOS sensors and proprietary image processing algorithms, provide doctors with gastrointestinal visualisation capabilities, enabling them to detect and diagnose abnormalities with unprecedented accuracy.


Increased diagnostic accuracy:

Fujifilm’s endoscopic imaging systems provide the ability to accurately detect and characterise lesions, polyps and other pathologies in the gastrointestinal tract. Fujifilm endoscopes offer versatile imaging possibilities thanks to features such as multi-light technology – including white light, combined colour imaging and blue light imaging. The different technologies are tailored to specific diagnostic needs, minimising the risk of pathologies going undetected and optimising patient care.


Blue light imaging(BLI):

High-intensity contrast imaging with BLI allows better assessment and visualisation of the condition of the mucosa. Focusing on the short wavelength absorption properties of haemoglobin (at 410 nm) with a specific white light spectrum. https://www.bli.eu/about-multi-light/about-bli/

Photo: Fujifilm


Linked colour imaging(LCI):

Optimal combination of 4 LED lights

The combination of optimum light spectrum and advanced signal/image processing allows the LCI to distinguish red tones more effectively than when imaging white light. https://www.bli.eu/about-multi-light/about-lci/

Photo: Fujifilm


Innovative technology powered by artificial intelligence:

Fujifilm’s endoscopic solutions feature ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as the CAD EYE system. Using artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced image analysis techniques, CAD EYE provides real-time support for detecting and characterizing colorectal polyps.

Photo: Fujifilm

With the help of such artificial intelligence, the technology will be like a second pair of eyes, enhancing doctors’ knowledge and significantly improving detection rates, thereby improving early diagnosis and treatment outcomes for patients.https://www.bli.eu/about-multi-light/about-cad-eye/


Smooth operation:

Fujifilm endoscopy systems are designed with clinic efficiency and streamlining in mind. Ergonomically designed endoscopes ensure comfort and ease of use during procedures, while intuitive user interface design and user-friendly features simplify operation and navigation. Fujifilm’s endoscopy solutions enable doctors to perform examinations reliably and efficiently without compromising patient care.


Fujifilm’s endoscopy solutions represent a paradigm shift in gastrointestinal imaging, offering clinicians unparalleled image quality, diagnostic accuracy and clinical efficiency. If you have any questions or would like more information, please click here.


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